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When does my Account Balance update?
When does my Account Balance update?

Seeing some streams but no royalties yet?

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Unlike streaming analytics (which refresh every 24 hours) your Account Balance takes a little longer to update!

So if you're seeing thousands of streams for your new release, but your royalties haven't gone up, it's because we're still waiting on the streaming platforms to calculate how much you're owed for the streams.

Money is added to your balance after we receive a royalty payment from the streaming platforms and digital stores. We normally get these 60-90 days after the end of the month in which the streams occured (so you should get royalty stats for all of January in May, February's stats in June and so on).

Revenue per stream varies greatly based on a number of factors, so we do not update or estimate your balance before getting the final stats. Here are some things that will affect how much you're paid for each stream:

  1. Platform (Amazon, Apple, Spotify etc. all calculate royalties in different ways)

  2. Premium vs Ad-supported listeners

  3. Duration of stream (how much of the song was listened to)

  4. Suspicious streams (e.g. 1 user listening to the same song on repeat 24/7)

  5. Listener Location (you get paid differently for streams in certain countries)

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