Looking to manage your career through the Beatchain platform, but have your songs with another distributor? We've put together a guide to moving your music over to Beatchain distribution!

Why should I move them?

Many artists move their music to Beatchain so they can get all their distribution done from the same place they run their social media, website, mailing list and more. It's much easier to stay on top of all these activities when they're all in one place!

We can also show you more advanced streaming analytics when you distribute your music through Beatchain, so you can keep track of how many plays you're getting on individual platforms.

Will I keep my stream counts and playlists?

Moving your release to Beatchain is essentially done by re-uploading your releases through our distribution and then asking your old distributor to remove your tracks from their distribution.

To make sure that you keep your stream counts and playlists on various streaming platforms, you'll need to make sure that you give us identical metadata and product/track codes that were used for your original upload.

Moving your releases

Follow these steps to move your music across:

  1. Get your ISRC (track) and UPC (product) codes from your old distributor. Do not ask them to take your music down from their service (yet)

  2. Take note of the metadata on the live release e.g. artist name(s), track titles and version info. You will need these to be exactly the same when you re-distribute the release through Beatchain

  3. Make sure that you are using the exact same audio file, and that the length is the same

  4. Upload your release to Beatchain using the exact same metadata. Make sure that you enter your existing ISRC (individual tracks) and UPC (Single/EP/Album) codes when prompted. Do not generate new ones!

  5. Check all the metadata is correct and submit your release to us. We'll get in touch if we spot any problems

  6. After release day, check that your tracks and releases are not duplicated on Spotify, Apple Music etc. When playlist retention and track linking has been confirmed, it is safe to ask your old distributor to remove your release from their service!


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