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Creating a Facebook page or converting an existing Facebook profile
Creating a Facebook page or converting an existing Facebook profile
How to create a Facebook page or convert a Facebook profile into a Facebook page.
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Setting up a Facebook Page for your artist

If you do not yet have a Facebook page dedicated to you as an artist, you will need to set one up in order to use the Fan Builder tool. This still applies if you only want to do Instagram ads, as these are also placed via Facebook ads manager.

Don't worry it's quick to set up and in the long run it will be an excellent hub for your fans to engage with you and each other. You will however need to already have a personal Facebook profile. Set one up here.

On your personal Facebook profile go to Create and click Page. This will bring up the Facebook page wizard.

Follow the steps there to create a Facebook page. Take your time and ensure that you follow the steps on the wizard and setup the page so it showcases you in the best way possible.

Converting a Facebook profile into a page

If you are currently using a personal Facebook profile as your artist page (i.e people are sending you friend requests instead of liking your page) you can convert the profile by following the information provided below.

This brings up a conversion wizard from Facebook. The migration wizard here will guide you through the process, from choosing your categories, inviting your friends and followers to like the newly created artist page, migrating across videos, photos and content.

Once you have chosen everything, select Create Page and Facebook will create the page for you. Make sure you have invited all of your fans and followers to like the new page. Once that is done hit publish and you now have your artists page. If you are copying across loads of content like videos and photos this can sometimes take a little while.

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