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Getting Started

What does Fan Builder do?

Fan Builder is the easiest way for artists to place ads on social media. Digital ads have a really steep learning curve, and so we've designed a system to take away many of the complicated parts of placing, targeting and understanding ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out our launch blog to see why we built it!

I need help setting everything up!

Please see this article to help you get started

Where do I start?

It depends what you want to achieve with Fan Builder! There are a number of campaign goals you can choose from; learn about them here.

Payment and Subscriptions

Does Beatchain take commission on any budget spent through Fan Builder?

No, Beatchain does not take any commission for ads placed through Fan Builder.

What Beatchain subscription do I need to use Fan Builder?

Fan Builder is available as part of the Beatchain essentials package.

How are the ads paid for?

You will be billed by Facebook for all ads placed through Fan Builder (including Instagram campaigns). You will need to add a payment method to your Facebook account before you can place ads through Fan Builder.

When will I be charged?

You will automatically be charged by Facebook whenever you reach your billing threshold for the day. On the billing date each month any additional costs or outstanding amounts will then also be charged to your payment method.

Can I get a refund for Fan Builder ads?

Facebook generally will not give out refunds for any money spent on advertising. In some rare circumstances you can request refunds if for example Facebook delivered your adverts to the wrong audiences.

If you believe this to be the case you will need to reach out directly to Facebook support.

Campaign Types

How does the targeting work for Fan Builder?

For finding new fans, Fan Builder targets people likely to to vibe with your music based on information from the social and streaming profiles you've connected to Beatchain. The more profiles you connect up to Beatchain, the better Fan Builder becomes at finding your ideal fans.

It will also distinguish between potential warm and cold audiences depending upon the campaign being run. You can find out about the targeting of each individual campaign here.

As we further develop the platform we will continue to refine and improve the targeting for Fan Builder and introduce more advanced functions.

Why can't I access the pre-save campaigns?

The pre-save campaign requires you to have a forthcoming release which has been approved for distribution through Beatchain.

The HypeLink campaign requires you to have a published HypeLink. In order to do this you will require at least a Beatchain essentials subscription to Beatchain.

When will the other campaigns go live?

The other campaigns on Fan Builder are currently being constructed and tested by our internal team. We do not have definitive dates available just yet but when they are ready to launch we will send out notifications to all of our users. The following campaigns are currently locked for everyone:

  • Build Email List

  • Promote Show

Are there plans for X type of campaign?

We have a number of different campaigns being developed by our team at the moment. If you have an idea for one which you cannot see already please send us a message via the Intercom chat and we will take it into consideration.

Can I run two campaigns at the same time?

You can run multiple different campaigns at the same time. However you cannot currently run more than one of the same type of campaigns at the same time. This means you can run an Instagram follower campaign alongside a Facebook follower campaign but not two different Instagram follower campaigns.

Can I A/B test?

Unfortunately you cannot run simultaneous A/B testing with these adverts. However you can run two different test campaigns and compare the results.

Can I use Fan Builder without distributing through Beatchain?

Yes, you can still use the majority of Fan builder campaigns without distributing through Beatchain. However for some specific campaigns such as the Pre-save campaign you will need to have distributed through Beatchain.

Can I use Fan Builder without a Facebook ads account?

No, you will need to have a fully setup business manager account with a linked credit or debit card in order to run adverts through Fan builder. You can find full details on how to set this up in our article here.

Can I run adverts through Fan builder and Facebook ad accounts at the same time?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to run adverts from your normal ad account as well as Fan Builder simultaneously. However, depending on the audiences being targeted some people may see the adverts from both the ad account and Fan Builder.

Insights and results

How fast do Fan Builder Insights update?

The Fan Builder analytics update every 24 hours, so the stats are accurate as of the previous day.

Why do my Fan Builder insights look different to those in my ad account?

The information that you can see in the insights in Fan Builder and on Facebook itself may sometimes look slightly different. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that we have made our insights focus on metrics most relevant to artists and the campaigns being run, and removed a lot of the excess information that is not relevant to the average musician. This allows you to concentrate on the most important information.

Secondly, the Fan Builder analytics update every 24 hours, so the stats are accurate as of the previous day.

Why is my content not performing?

We have a separate article here which goes into detail about what type of content works well.

Can I edit the campaigns in my Facebook ad account after the campaign is live?

We would strongly recommend against ever editing the ads in Facebook business manager after Fan Builder has created and launched them. This can potentially have serious side effects on the adverts performance which could lead to your budget not being used optimally.

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