The revenue for each individual stream of your track varies greatly based on a number of factors:

  1. Platform (Amazon, Apple, Spotify etc. all calculate royalties in different ways)

  2. Premium vs Ad-supported listeners (e.g. Spotify pay significantly more for streams from their Premium listeners)

  3. Duration of stream (how much of the song was listened to)

  4. Suspicious streams (e.g. 1 user listening to the same song on repeat 24/7)

  5. Listener Location (you get paid differently for streams in certain countries)

Average Revenue Per Stream

On your Royalty Dashboard you will see a Revenue Per Stream stat which divides your total revenue by your total streams to show an average. This is intended as a very rough figure to help you understand how streaming pays.

This does not mean you're earning that exact amount for every individual stream. For example you could have a Revenue Per Stream of 0.3 cents, made up of:

200 streams from Premium Apple Music users at 0.5 cents per stream


200 streams from Spotify ad-supported listeners at 0.1 cents per stream.

In this illustration you would earn a total of 120 cents from 400 total streams with an average Revenue Per Stream of 0.3 cents.

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