If you're planning to drop some tracks soon, make sure you've made a note of all the contributors who helped put your songs together! Everyone wants to receive credit for the part they played in a release, especially if your track really takes off!

Forgetting to credit someone for their contribution can really burn bridges and possibly lead to legal issues.

The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to forget who was there and who did what, so keep a record of this somewhere.

You'll need to make sure you've got all this information handy when you come to distribute, as you will need to include certain contributors before you submit your release. You don't want to hold up your release because you're ringing around trying to work out who the producer was!

You may also need this info for reasons other than distribution, especially if you choose to set up publishing for your release, or register with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO).

Distributing with Beatchain

If you're using Beatchain's distribution service, there are 2 contributors who are absolutely compulsory to include on each individual track: the Composer and the Lyricist. If you did both of these, then you can just put yourself but make sure to use your full legal name and not your Artist Name.

We also have optional fields for the Featuring Artists, Songwriter(s), Producer(s), Mix Engineer(s) and Recording Engineer(s). If anyone performed any of these roles on your release, make sure to credit them here! Again, for songwriters and engineers you must put their full names and not a nickname.

It is fine to use the artist's stage name for the Featuring Artist, and whatever name the Producer is best known by.

Not sure which role to give to your contributors? Check out this article for some help:

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