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Getting Feedback on Your Tracks
Getting Feedback on Your Tracks
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Whatever stage of your music career you're at, we always recommend asking someone to lend an ear to your project and provide some honest feedback before you release it for the world to hear.

Obviously you don't have to agree with that feedback, but you might just find that some constructive criticism can turn a good track into a great track.

Who do I ask for feedback on my music?

There are almost certainly going to be some aspects of music that you're better or more experienced at than other aspects. If you're a great singer, but aren't as confident in your recording or production skills, it makes sense to talk to someone who's passionate about those!
This could be someone you know, like a friend or a music teacher, but it could also be a complete stranger! We find the music community love providing real and constructive feedback to help improve each other's craft, and there are so many groups and forums on social media where you can get free feedback from fellow musicians. You can pick up loads of new techniques and software recommendations from experienced artists and producers. In particular, you can find some awesome communities on Reddit and SoundCloud.

Remember, if you're getting better and better at your instrument, songwriting or production each month, don't worry about rushing into distribution. You want your recorded music to be the best it can be, so it can make the biggest impact when you're ready to release it!

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