Uploading your Music
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Ready to start the distribution process?

Get all these ready on your device:

1. Your audio files in the correct .WAV format

2. A unique, high-res, square image for your release artwork

3. A list of the contributors who helped make each track on this release

4. A timestamp for the best 30 seconds you want to send to TikTok

5. Links to your existing Apple Music and Spotify profiles (if you've released music before).

If this release contains any covers or tracks with samples you'll also need:

5. Licenses or confirmation that you have the rights to distribute the track(s)

If you're moving this release over from another distribution company, you'll also need:

6. Your ISRC and UPC codes from your original release

If you've got all this together it should all be a breeze! The wizard will take you through all the uploads and metadata you need to enter, and help you choose your release date.

As you'll be uploading some bulky audio files, we recommend doing all this on a strong WIFI connection!

Once you've submitted your release, you'll receive a confirmation email from us which will detail the next steps.

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