Social media platforms come and go. To cross-promote music, videos and more with a coherent online presence, musicians need a dedicated website.

Your website provides a central hub from where fans, collaborators and people from the industry can find everything you have to offer: Your music, your videos, your brand and your story.

Here are some great reasons to have a website:

👉 It shows others you're serious about your music career

👉 You can use it to sell tickets

👉 You can collect fan data and email addresses

👉 You can help fans find all of your social media accounts

👉 You can help fans find all of your music

As a Premium Beatchain user, you have your own professional website included in your plan! Beatchain automatically pulls in content from your existing social media and streaming profiles to build a professional-looking website all about you in seconds.

If you've signed up to Beatchain and connected some of your social media profiles, we've probably made one for you already. You can check it out for free and do a few edits. If you like it, you can sign up to premium and put it live!

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