Beatchain PressLink is a really slick way to send your upcoming release over to playlisters, bloggers, radio DJs and journalists.

People around the industry looking for new music to review or add to their playlists will often want to take a look at your tracks before they drop.

PressLink is a really professional way to send your tracks over to them, without having to email an mp3 or WAV file. It automatically pulls your music, artwork and release date onto one page that can be viewed on a browser. We'll also display info you've added to your Beatchain profile like your genre, biography and web address.

This will help curators learn more about you and decide if you're a good fit for their station, blog, or playlist.

So how do you get your PressLink? Well, we email it to you as soon as you submit a release on Beatchain Distribution. Both features are free to use!

Please note you shouldn't use your PressLink as your bio link, or share it on social media. Your PressLink contains the full audio files for your upcoming release, so you don't want to make that accessible to the general public before release day. Not to mention, unlike on streaming sites, you won't get paid when somebody streams a track from your PressLink!

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