Announcing some tour dates or some new music?

There's a prime piece of real estate you should be utilizing!

Reskinning your social profiles is a great way of diverting your page visitors towards whatever it is you're promoting.

Your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all have large cover photos at the top of the page. For the duration of your campaign, you should consider changing these images to a promo image.

You can use Beatchain's free image editor to crop an image to the correct size.

Open up the media library (you can find this in the top right of the app), upload your image, click edit and then transform. From here you can choice from a range of standard sizes, including cover images, or you can drag the corners to resize to whatever height and width you need.

Once you've resized, you can add some text about your release or tour.

Just remember to change back to your original banner when your campaign ends!

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