In an effort to combat streaming fraud, we may ask you to verify your Beatchain account by connecting your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to Beatchain.

This helps us to confirm it is a real artist trying to distribute, and not a bot or fraudster!

How to connect your accounts

If you've been asked to verify your artist, you can connect your artists' social media accounts to Beatchain from the Artist Profile page.

You will need to fully connect any of the following accounts:



When your accounts are fully connected to Beatchain, they will look like this:

If your social media profile is only 1/2 complete (as in the image below), we will not be able to use that to verify your artist.

If your profile is only 1/2 complete, make sure you hit the 'Connect' button and follow the steps to fully connect your profile.

This helps us confirm you are who you say you are, by proving you have access to the Artist's social media page.

What happens next?

Once your profiles are fully connected, you'll get some extra bonuses in the Beatchain app, including:

Once we're satisfied that the profiles you've connected are real and match the name you're distributing under, you'll be able to continue with Beatchain distribution.

Why does this matter?

Streaming fraud takes money away from real artists. You can find out more about it in this article.

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