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Customizing your streaming profiles
Customizing your streaming profiles

How can you claim and customize your Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music profiles?

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Over the last few years, streaming services have added a number of features to help create a more interactive experience. A number of these features allow artists to customize their profiles, and link listeners out to their social media, shows, merchandise and more.

Each platform has different levels of customizability and different ways of claiming your Artist Profile, so we've put together a handy list to help you take control of your page!

Claiming your Amazon Music profile

What can you change?

  • Your Amazon Music profile photo

  • Background image

  • Connect to Twitch

How can I claim mine?

Search, ‘Amazon Music For Artists,’ or download the app. From there, you have the option to search for your artist. Type in your artist name, and it should appear within the app or website. Click on the artist you want to claim, and then select ‘take me there.’ From there, you’ll be asked to type in your artist name/company name, and then select your role. This could be the artist, manager or label. You are able to fast track your approval by connecting to your social media account. Once you’ve chosen your platform, you’ll be asked to open the platform (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) within your Amazon Music For Artists page. Once everything has been finalised, you’ll receive an email showing your artist status has been approved!

Claiming your Apple Music profile

What can you change?

  • By clicking ‘manage’ on your Apple Music for Artists account, you can change your artist profile picture (this image appears next to your Apple Music content on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone, Apple TV, and the web)

  • You can add additional users to your profile - user roles include artist, label rep or manager.

How can I claim mine?

Search ‘Claim your account - Apple music for artists.’ You’ll be taken to a page called ‘Claim your account,’ which allows you to either claim your account via the IOS app, or via the web. If you select sign up via the web, select the link stating sign up for Apple Music for Artists. After this, sign into your account with your Apple ID. Select ‘request artist access’ and search for your artist. Select a song/album, and you’ll be taken through to a verification page. You’ll be asked to connect to your social media, then, if self releasing, select ‘no label’ and ‘self-managed.’ After this, at the bottom, state that you use us as your distributor.

Claiming your Deezer profile

What can you change?

  • Update your profile picture

  • Update your social status

  • Highlights in the form of album, playlists, episodes or podcasts.

  • Add a biography

How can I claim mine?

Search ‘Deezer for creators.’ Select. ‘Request access’ then enter your role, artist name, your email, the UPC to a release, your label, your distributor, your distributor's email, and the URL to your socials. Simple!

Claiming your Napster profile (or not)

If changes need to be made to your music, song credits, metadata or if you would like your song removed from Napster, you must contact your distributor. You cannot access an ‘artist profile’ on Napster.

Claiming your Pandora profile

What can you change?

  • Add or update your biography: ‘Pandora's biographical information is hosted by TiVo. If you are an artist or record label that needs to make updates please email

  • Lyrics: ‘Pandora's lyrical content is hosted by LyricFind. If you want to have your lyrical content displayed on Pandora, please contact LyricFind's Director of Publishing, Nik McLeod, at and CC’

How can I claim mine?

Search for ‘claim artist page - Pandora AMP’. Select ‘register for free’ and fill in the details. Once registered, login and scroll down to ‘claim an artist.’ You are then asked to verify your artist profile either through twitter, or by filling out a form.

Claiming your Spotify profile

What can you change?

  • Edit your profile image

  • Create a canvas

  • Add an artists pick (promote concerts or feature music at the top of your profile)

  • Feature playlists on your profile

  • Change your ‘about’ (1500 characters)

  • Submit to Spotify's own editorial playlists

How can I claim mine?

Search ‘Spotify for artists,’ online, alternatively download the app. Select ‘get access’ in the top right corner, and select an artist. Locate your music on Spotify, and copy the link to your artist profile. After this, follow the instructions in order to verify your profile!

Claiming your Tidal profile (or not)

Similarly to Napster, you cannot claim an artist profile on Tidal. You can however personalise your profile by contacting your distributor. You are able to change your artist profile photo, as well as add a biography.

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