We know it can be tempting to choose the earliest possible release date and get your music out there as soon as possible, but there are many advantages to choosing a release date several weeks away! To make the biggest splash on release day, check out some of these activities you should be doing, and understand how much time you'll need to do them!

Spotify Editorial Playlists: Submit 15+ days before Release date
If you already have music on Spotify, we strongly, strongly (strongly) recommend claiming your Spotify for Artists account. Once your release has been delivered to Spotify, you should be able to submit your release directly to Spotify's editorial playlists, which could put your music in front of thousands of potential new fans. You will need your release to have been delivered to Spotify at least 1 week before it goes live. You can find out more here.

Hypelink: 7-14 days before Release date
We also recommend using your Hypelink to provide a preview of your release to independent playlist curators and bloggers, either through services like SubmitHub, or by getting in touch with curators directly. Once you have submitted your release to us, the Hypelink allows curators to listen to your tracks, found out a little more about you and check out your social media pages and website. Some will want to see the release before it goes live, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to submit!

You can access your Hypelink by pressing the PREVIEW button on any pending, approved or published release:

Social Media Promo: 10-14 days before Release date
Finally, use the Media Library and Launchpad to get plenty of promotional images and scheduled posts ready to promote your tracks before, during and after your release. 

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