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Why can't I see stats for my Facebook friends?
Why can't I see stats for my Facebook friends?

Facebook Profile data vs Facebook Business Page data

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In order to access Launchpad posting and Insights for Facebook, you will need to have set your Facebook artist page up as a Business page, and not a personal profile.

We aren't able to provide data on your Facebook friends. Instead we display data about people who follow and like your Business Page.

You can set up a Facebook Business page for your artist here

If you are using a Facebook Business page, you will see this menu beneath your profile picture.

So why do I want a Facebook Business page?

Facebook Business page provides a number of benefits that you cannot get from a personal profile:

  • The ability to use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise your content to potential new fans

  • Access to much more advanced analytics, including demographic data (fan location, age, gender etc.) which is very useful for planning content and tour dates

  • Ability to schedule posts to your Facebook page from 3rd party apps like Beatchain.

  • Post Pinning to keep your best content at the top of your page, and buttons to direct page visitors to your website or music.

Please note it is also against Facebook's policies to use a personal profile for a business.

For help connecting your business page to Beatchain, check out this article.

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