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Choosing your name and building a presence
Choosing your name and building a presence

First steps for new artists. Choose a name and set up your socials.

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We've built a platform to enable you to run your music career from one place, bringing all your digital activities together!

To get started, you'll need to take care of two things: your Artist Name and your Social Media Accounts.

1. Artist Name

When you're ready for us to start sending your music to Spotify, Apple Music and many more, this is the name your music will appear under.

If you haven't decided an Artist Name yet, you'll need to do so before you can create your Account. Make sure you're happy with your name before creating your account, as you won't be able to change it later without completely resetting and starting again!

Choosing a Name

a. Try to make sure it's unique!  You don't want the same name as another artist, as this can cause confusion and even legal issues further down the line! 

b. Avoid one-word names with common nouns (e.g. King, Panther, Sister) as they will almost definitely be taken already.

c. You cannot use emojis and special characters (e.g. ꓘ, ⅃, ½) in your Artist Name, as this will result in your music being rejected by major streaming platforms. It will also be really hard for people to search for you!

d. Give the name a search on Spotify or Apple Music to make sure it's not already taken by an established artist. 

2. Setting up your Social Media

Now you need somewhere to start sharing your content and communicating with your fanbase. We recommend setting up accounts under your Artist Name for:

Facebook (MUST be a Business Account)

You can then connect all these to the platform when you create your account, and monitor your growth, understand fan demographics and content performance, and schedule posts, all from inside the platform.

You can also add accounts for:


... but these are not a priority right away!

Once you have your name and main social media accounts set up, you're ready to start onboarding!

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