Wondering what your release status means? Hoping to start doing presaves soon?

Check out this guide to release statuses and understand how your release is progressing!


A release is in draft when either:

1. You have not submitted the release to us yet.


2. We have set this back to draft because you told us you want to make further changes to the release.


3. We can't get the release onto streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify etc.) because the audio file, artwork or metadata does not meet their requirements. We've set this back to draft so you can make the necessary changes. Check your email for the details!


This means you have submitted a release to us and it's in the queue to be reviewed by our distribution team.


Your release is top of the queue and we've started doing our initial checks before we hand it over to our distribution partners.

If the streaming platforms require any changes to be made to your release, we’ll get in touch with you in 4-5 working days to let you know. Otherwise, your release status will change to approved and we'll send you an email to confirm.


Everything's fine and your release date is fully confirmed! Now is the time to start shouting about your release to anyone who will listen! Line up a few posts in the Launchpad to get people hyped for your release.

Make sure to get your Spotify and Apple presave from the HypeLink page, and get your music straight into fans libraries as soon as your release goes live!


Your release is now live on streaming platforms! You can publish a HypeLink to share this release in style.


Sometimes we have to outright reject releases. This means that you can no longer submit them to us.

There are two main reasons why we will reject a release:

1. We can't get it onto streaming platforms in its current state, and you have repeatedly submitted this to us without making the changes we've asked for.


2. Your release breaks one or more of our terms and conditions, or we believe you are trying to do something illegal.


There are loads of marketing activities you can perform to give your release the best chance of success. Learn about how early you should submit your release to take advantage of all of them.

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