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Does my team know I'm distributing this release?
Does my team know I'm distributing this release?

Check with everyone involved that they understand what you're doing with the release

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Before you distribute your music, it's worth checking that everybody involved in the recording and production is aware of what you intend to do.
This will help you avoid any disagreements, disputes, or duplicated releases later on!
We recommend checking with:

Artist (if you're not the artist)

Everybody who appears on the release

Anyone who contributed to the artwork

Label (if you have one)
Manager (if you have one)

Producer or beatmaker

Parent or guardian!

Make sure they understand exactly what you're doing with the music, what credit you intend to give them, and what files you intend to upload! You may discover you're using an old version of the audio file, artwork etc. or someone else might have already distributed this release!


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