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Placing your first campaign on Fan Builder
Placing your first campaign on Fan Builder

Getting started with the Fan Builder tool.

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Once you have your Facebook and Insta all set up and connected to Beatchain, you're ready to place your first ad campaign!

Prepare appropriate ad content

You'll then need some content appropriate to your chosen goal. We 100% recommend using video content rather than photo/text ads. Video is so much more engaging for music marketing (people cannot listen to your music in a photo!)

For example, if you're running a Spotify traffic ad, a short (15-30s) promo video with a snippet of your track lets the audience preview your song before deciding if they want to click the link and find your song on streaming platforms. Here's an example from The Brown Goose!

If you're running an Instagram/Facebook follower campaign, you'll probably want a slightly longer (1-3 minute) video showcasing your best qualities as an artist.

Video: A Build Instagram Followers campaign from Eliza Shaddad

Place your first ad campaign

Head over to Fan Builder and select your ad account and pixel from the dropdowns if you haven't already.

Pick one of the campaign goals.

Upload your video, and type in some text. See the examples above for some inspiration.

Setting a Budget and Duration

We recommend starting with a small budget so you can test the water with your content, and see if the results are worth the ad spend. If the campaign is working well, you can increase the budget at any time.


You can start really small, selecting a budget between $2-$5 and a campaign length of 3-4 days for your first campaign. Keep an eye on the analytics from the Insights tab on your active campaign.

Press promote, and you'll see a confirmation screen so you can check all the details of the campaign. If everything looks fine, fire off the campaign and we'll send it to your Ads Manager account. You'll get an email from us to confirm the campaign has sent successfully!


Have some questions? Check out the Fan Builder FAQ

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