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Additional Streaming Platforms and Digital Stores
Additional Streaming Platforms and Digital Stores

Where do 7Digital, Facebook and Napster make my music available?

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When you distribute with us, some of our major DSP partners will send your releases for consideration by the following stores:



• 7d Download Store

• eMusic Live

• Electric Jukebox/ Roxi

• Jazzed

• Grandpad

• MusicKiosk NEC

• Snap Inc. (Snapchat)

• Soundtrack Your Brand

• Stationhead

• Pinterest


• Instagram

• Oculus

• Lasso

Napster / Rhapsody

• Rakuten

• Napster

• Rhapsody

• Movistar Colombia

• Vivo Música

• Aldi Life

• Hofer Life

• Soundmachine

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