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Should I have a mailing list?
Should I have a mailing list?
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Emails may seem a bit last decade, but they are incredibly effective for talking directly to your core fans. If someone is willing to give up their email address these days, it’s usually a big sign that they really like you!

That’s why these are the people who you really don’t want to miss your announcements for new music, merch and shows.

 The great thing about email marketing is that your message goes straight into their inbox, and is much harder to miss or scroll past than a social media post.

Here are three steps for building your email list:

⚡ 1. Make sure your list is easy to join! Give your fans as many opportunities as you can to sign up to your mailing list, including social media posts and bio links. We give fans a chance to sign up when they presave your upcoming releases.

⚡ 2. Keep a schedule of email campaigns and stick to it! Make sure there’s a good mix of messages, so you’re not always trying to sell them something in every email. Avoid leaving several months between emails too; you don’t want to become a stranger.

⚡ 3. Make them feel special! Give them things that they can’t get from your social media pages, like discount codes, early access to tickets, and exclusive content. Make sure you tell your fans what they’re missing out on if they don’t sign up!

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