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Fan Builder: Manually Connecting Your Facebook Business Manager
Fan Builder: Manually Connecting Your Facebook Business Manager

Having trouble connecting your Facebook Account for Fan Builder ads? Try this workaround

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In order to run Instagram and Facebook ads using the Fan Builder feature, you'll need to give the Beatchain the technology behind the Fan Builder feature some permissions in your Facebook account.

To make this process easy, you can normally follow the steps and grant these from within Fan Builder, but on rare occasions you may need to do this from inside your Facebook Business Manager instead.

Here are the steps to grant those permissions:

We strongly recommend doing this from a desktop computer!

1. Go to

This should redirect to

2. Choose the correct business account from the drop down on the left. This will be whichever business account your page is associated with.

The business id in the url should change if you select a different business.

Hit the business settings button in the bottom left. This will bring up a list of your pages and ad accounts

Don't see your page listed?
If you created the Facebook page yourself or are a page admin, you can hit the add button and type in the name of your page:

3. Once you've selected the business account that your page is associated with, go to the URL bar at the top your browser and delete everything that comes before the business id at the end:

4. Now paste this before your number and hit enter:

Your URL should look like this, with your business ID at the end

5. If you see {your name} doesn't work with any partners. Click “Add” under "Partner to share assets with"

If you already have partners, you should see a blue button saying “Add” with a drop down. Select “Give a partner access to your assets”

6. You should see a pop up saying "Partner business ID”. Enter Beatchain’s ID which is


7. Select the Facebook page you would like to run ads from then toggle “Ads” and "Insights" and click save changes.

Can't see the page you want to use in the New Pages experience?

Look for it in the Classic Pages section:

8. Click “Share Assets” to open the panel again

9. Click on “Instagram accounts” and select the Instagram account you would like to run ads from. You may need to login to Instagram to choose that account.

Don't see the right Instagram account in the list? Hit the add button to add the correct Instagram profile to your Business Account .

10. Toggle on Ads (insights will toggle on automatically)

11. Now you should see the correct Facebook page and Instagram account assigned to Beatchain:

12. Return to the main dashboard and go through the Fan Builder campaign steps to get your first ad running!

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