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Make your Spotify Account Follower-Friendly
Make your Spotify Account Follower-Friendly
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Thinking of running ad campaigns to grow your Spotify? Make sure your page is ready to receive visitors!

If your artist page is a ghost town, they'll exit just as fast as they entered. Make sure your page looks active, informative and up to date.

Get Verified

If you haven't already, claim your Spotify Profile! This allows you to customize your page. It'll also get you a blue "Verified Artist" tick on your page to add some legitimacy.

Get some tracks up

If you're sending traffic to your Spotify page, you should have a couple of tracks up and available to stream already.

If you've used some video content in the ad, make sure the song you've used is available to stream.

From inside your Spotify for Artists account, you can select one of your tracks as the "Artist's Pick". Make sure to choose your strongest or newest track to recommend to listeners.

Add a bio and profile image

Use the bio section in Spotify for Artists to talk about where you're from, who your influences are, and anything you'd like to brag about in your music career. Storytelling is so important for getting fans invested in you.

Add a photo to help them put a face to a name and get familiar with your brand imagery.

Links to socials

Not everyone uses the "Follow" feature, so you'll want to make sure there's some added value you can get out of people landing on your Spotify page.

Make sure you add links to your socials so listeners can find out more about you and catch some of your content.

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