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I'm not an Artist!
I'm not an Artist!

Are you a label, manager, or representative for one or more artists?

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We are currently set up for one artist per account, so we recommend onboarding one of your artists to see what we have to offer. 

The information you give us in onboarding is all publicly available data, and so you don't need to login to any social media accounts. 

We do not send any messages or emails to the artist or their pages when you onboard. Any communications will be via the email address that you provided us when you signed up.

Most of our focus is currently on providing software and educational content for independent artists, but we are working with a small group of labels and managers to develop features for managing and distributing multiple artists simultaneously.

We'll be announcing those features to our entire user base when they become available, so we recommend signing up with one of your artists in order to get the updates.

There are plenty of tools to check out, including linkshares, digital ads, distribution and audience insights.

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