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Do I need a Website?
Cancelling your subscription
Where do I start?
Adding a custom domain name to your HypeLinks
Royalty Update: November 2022
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Sharing Royalties with Beatchain Splits
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Verifying your Artist
Primary Artists, Featuring Artists and Contributors
Making Changes to a Pending Release
Promo Ideas for your release
The Distribution Checklist
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Getting Feedback on Your Tracks
Keep track of your contributors
Settling on your Artist Name
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Additional Streaming Platforms and Digital Stores
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Deadlines for Holiday Releases 2022
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Claiming your 'For Artists' Accounts
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Setting up a Spotify Pre-save Campaign
Moving your music to Beatchain
How to get your tracks on TikTok... And what to do when you get them there!
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What is an ISRC?
How do I get paid for streams and sales?
Can I manage more than one artist from a single login?
When does my Account Balance update?
Can I distribute Vinyl/CDs with Beatchain?
Which file types do you accept for Distribution?
Can I distribute releases with sampling and covers?
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